Kojonup to Albany Transmission Line

  • Albany is a major regional city with a growing population and a growing requirement for power which cannot be met using the current supply.

  • Grange Resources propose a major new mining venture at Southdown, east of Albany, and are negotiating with Western Power for an upgraded power supply to the mine to meet their requirements. Western Power had investigated new transmission lines to Southdown prior to addressing the need for an upgrade to the Kojonup-Albany line.

  • In March 2007, Western Power commenced its investigation into a new transmission line from Kojonup to Albany and from Albany to Wellstead.

  • In May 2007 a Corridor Selection Panel was set up, including members of the communities involved in the Kojonup-Albany-Wellstead areas.

  • Following the meeting of this panel, Western Power proposed three alternative corridors. None followed the existing corridors, and all pass through properties in Narrikup and the area south to Albany, which is predominantly small holdings.

  • Based on these corridors, Western Power engaged services company GHD to carry out a Sustainability Assessment and to engage community stakeholders in a series of workshops. At these workshops participants completed a "Criteria Weightings Form" that ranked a series of criteria relating to the transmission lines. These rankings will be used to assess the community reaction to the presence of new transmission lines in their area.

  • In October 2007 Grange Resources announced that they are committed to their preferred solution: to supply the mine using a direct route option of a single circuit 220 kV line on lattice towers from Muja to Southdown via Kojonup and Gnowangerup.

  • In November 2007 Western Power started a new round of community consultation, with a series of Advisory Group Workshops .

  • In March 2008 Western Power announced their final corridor selection . This is best seen by looking at the corridor options [312K PDF] and preferred selection [304K PDF] maps, which accompanied the letter.

  • In September 2008 Western Power issued an update: Preliminary line route, including a map [176K PDF]