Criteria Weightings Form

Kojonup - Albany Electricity Transmission Line Corridor Selection

Criteria Weightings Form


1. Direct impacts on privately owned landLand that may be directly impacted by the transmission line, and includes consideration of the proximity to homesteads, number of properties and size of properties.     
2. Business impactsPossible impacts the transmission line may have on revenue of existing businesses (with an ABN), including agricultural properties, vineyards, plantations and tourism businesses, taking into account variation in land capability along each corridor.
3. Land operation impactsPossible impacts on operating the land, including biosecurity / risk of weed infestation and impacts on airstrips used for spraying or other land operation purposes.
4. Impacts on public infrastructurePotential impacts on public services or utilities, Including water, communications and rail.
5. ViewsPossible impacts on the views from major roads, residences and tourism / recreation sites / significant features, and including foreground views through to far distant views.
6. Impacts on recreationPossible impacts on the use of amenities for recreation, including walking trails, camping areas and aerial recreation areas.
7. Electromagnetic fieldsPerceived health impacts associated with EMFs.
8. Indigenous heritageSites or places of importance in indigenous culture, including ethnographical and archaeological sites.
9. Cultural (non- Indigenous) heritageSites or places, either natural or man-made, that are historically important, but not related to indigenous culture.
10. Flora and vegetationPossible impacts on flora and vegetation, including clearing of native vegetation, Declared Rare and Priority Flora, Threatened Ecological Communities and fragmentation of vegetation.
11. FaunaPossible impacts on Threatened Fauna.
12. HydrologyPotential impacts on rivers or creeks, wetlands or salt affected areas through access for maintenance.
13. Project costTotal cost of the transmission line, including the cost of construction, the ongoing costs to operate and maintain the line.
14. Construction issuesThe ease with which the transmission line can be accessed for construction.


So that we can get some basic information about the perspective you bring to these weightings, please circle the following stakeholder groups that best suit you (there can be more than one):

Land owner along one or more of the proposed corridorsManager / tenant of a property along one or more of the proposed corridorsLocal business (including farming) owner/representative
Regional business owner/representativeLocal or regional industry group representativeLocal environment/community group interest
Local Government representativeState Government agency representativeState or Federal Politician

Name: __________________________________________

Criteria Weightings Example

Below is an illustration of the weighting process, which shows just seven criteria, whereas you will go through fourteen criteria in the weighting process.

Balloon comments are provided to show how it all works.

NOTE that the illustration is an example only and in no way indicates what weights anyone should use in the process.

As you can see, to do the process correctly, there needs to be a 1 against one of the factors as your starting point.

Criteria Weightings Scale

Compared to the Least Important Factor, the next factor is:
Of same