Western Power letter to Great Southern Area Consultative Committee
Final corridor selection

Our ref: DMS#4535316 / Map Ref #4571094
Contact: Lyall Murphy, Project Officer (08) 9326 4744 APR 2008


Great Southern Area Consultative Committee
PO Box 716, Albany WA 6331

Dear Great Southern Area Consultative Committee

Kojonup to Albany transmission line: final corridor selected

At the end of January we wrote to you, advising that the location of the potential corridors for the Kojonup to Albany transmission line had been finalised, after considering input from the Stakeholder Advisory Group. Included was a map showing the final blue, red and yellow options.

We are now writing to advise you that we have a preferred corridor, based on the results of the impact assessment work that has been undertaken over the past few months.

At the Stakeholder Advisory Group meeting late last year, a suggestion was put forward that the best option might be a combination of the three corridors. This was investigated, and the impact data was collected in a way that allowed us to compare combinations of the options. This led to thirteen (13) possible options instead of just three (3). The corridor combination with the least impact overall would be the preferred option.

The outcome of this work showed that the red corridor, combined with a section of the yellow corridor towards the south, is the preferred corridor overall as shown on the enclosed maps.

The next step is for a precise line route to be determined within the preferred corridor, which is currently 2 km wide. This line route will ultimately be 50-60m wide. A Western Power Field Officer will arrange to come and meet with affected landowners in the coming weeks to discuss exactly how the line may traverse their property in a way that reduces the impact wherever possible. Although Western Power intends to locate the line within the preferred corridor, please note that there may be circumstances that would require Western Power to deviate outside of the preferred corridor.

We also will be holding a series of Information Sessions in the region on 28 and 29 April, to explain the decision in more detail.

A summary report which helps to explain the corridor selection process and the assessment of the thirteen (13) different corridor options is currently being finalised. If you would like to receive a copy of this report, please contact the project team on the details provided below.

During the many months of community consultation, local community members have provided us with detailed knowledge and advice, and a number of them have also given up their time to be part of the Corridor Selection Panel and the Stakeholder Advisory Group. We are grateful for all the assistance that has been given to help us to identify and select the corridor that will have the least impact on the community.

If you have any queries please contact our Project Officer, Lyall Murphy on (08) 9326 4744, email [email protected] or fax on (08) 9225 2078.

If you would like more information about the corridor assessment process and the decision behind the preferred corridor, please contact Sylvia Stieber (GHD Sustainability Group Coordinator) on (08)6222 8436, or email [email protected]

Yours sincerely

Rudy Teh
Environment and Land Management

Editor's note:
This letter was accompanied by two maps: