Letter to Western Power
from Narrikup District Progress Association Inc.

Narrikup District Progress Association Inc.
ABN: 98 401 811 220


8 August 07

Rudy Teh
Western Power
363 Wellington Street
WA 6000

Dear Sir

On behalf of the community, the Narrikup District Progress Association would like to express ooncern about the proposed 220kv transmission line from Kojonup to Albany and it's potential impact on community members and threat to the local environment.

The Narrikup district is host to a diverse range of agricultural activities, mainly carried out on smallholdings. Transmission line towers of the type proposed will have a devastating impact on land values, land use operations including organic production, the rich and unique bio-diversity, wildlife corridors, revegetation projects and sustainable agricultural activities. In addition such a transmission line tower creates serious health concerns and constitutes a permanent blight on the landscape that will diminish the distinctive beauty of the district.

Prior to the community consultations, Western Power eliminated a variety of line corridor options, effectively limiting the community's influence on the decision making process. For a fair and equitable process to take place all options must be on the table. Furthermore, asking individuals to participate in a process of sustainability criteria weighting, within a vacuum of ignorance in regard to how the weightings will measure up across the three proposed corridors, clearly disadvantages the participants. Individuals have a right to know how the weightings will apply to the corridor that may affect their property. Without this knowledge, participants are engaged in a process that subverts the opportunity to act in their own best interest and the best interest of their district.

In addition, the Progress Association asks, do Western Power, the Government or Verve Energy, under the Economic Regulation Authority's regulatory test, have an obligation to explore a power generation option located in the region, thus eliminating the need for ugly and intrusive transmission towers stretching across the landscape? Consequently, Narrikup District Progress Association urgently requests that the selection and consultation process be revisited. Both processes must take community concerns seriously and seek to maximise community influence in the decision making process in a way that empowers participants, and does not erode individual rights.

Finally, the requirements by the Economic Regulation Authority of Western Power, when they construct a new transmission line, appears to relate mainly to a 'net benefit' to those who generate, transport and consume power. What about the 'gross detriment' to individuals and communities in the path of the line?

I trust the reservations expressed above will be given due consideration and a solution can be negotiated that addresses the issues of all concerned.

Yours sincerely

Shaun Reynolds Vice President

cc Hon Matt Benson MLC (South West)
Hon Robin McSweeney MLC (South West)
Hon Paul Llewellyn MLC ((South West)
Hon Peter Watson MLA (Albany)
Hon Alan Carpenter MLA (Premier)
Hon J Bowler (Minister for Great Southern)
Hon F Logan MLA (Minister for Energy)
Hon Wilson Tuckey (MP O'Connor)
Hon Terry Redmond MLA (Stirling)
Hon M McGowan MLA (Minister for the Environment)
Hon A MacTiernan MLA (Minister for Planning and Infrastructure)
Cr Kevin Forbes (Plantagenet Shire President)
Rob Stewart (CEO Plantagenet Shire Council)